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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
  what a long, strange dream i've had.

oh, my.

well. imagine me, little me, tapping on a microphone in a loud room. you are all bustling and hustling and moving very fast, talking louder, yelling over the sounds and beats which clash in a cacophony called Headache. ah the noise, the noise(!), the noise the noise the noise

and suddenly, the Noise is now in capitals, and the crowds start to part, and it is the Noise for toaster (for who?) for Toaster, damn it, and it is me at the microphone tap tap tapping AHEM!

hello. welcome back. this is the blog, it is about my great fish (alive and well!) Sir Toaster, and it is my duty to bring him the music which he cannot find for himself. it's been a stormy few months (you wouldn't believe me if i told you the whole story) but the fact is, we're back, and as much as we're treading the ocean, we're still in it for the fish.

come on back. the water's fine.
Yay, you're back! Looking forward to some more top recommendations.
you're back, huzzah! 4.5 months, i think i just worked out. But i still checked ever day in the hopes that you'd be back. And finally, you are!


i basically have that bit about feist memorized...
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy i'm so glad you're back! can't wait to hear what's good next.
Hey there,

I am building a blog spot to post updates of mixtapes, mixes, shows, dj mixes, live concerts, podcasts ect....

In the future you can post your update`s yourself and i will post them on my blog.
I only post the links to your site, NO deeplinking.

And if you want to support me you can put a back link on your site
Thx and keep up the good work.
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