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Friday, February 16, 2007
  Low - Drums and Guns

i'm way too capable of overdosing. i guess i have that addictive personality thing going, and i'm pretty predictable in that once i find an album i love, i play it non-stop for the next 72 hours and then i'm kind of done with it, unless it's completely epic (Field Music, Annuals, Sondre Lerche, The Bird & The Bee, SoftLightes - still going strong). so it's good to also switch up the genre i'm so prone to obsessing over... and Low, one of Sub Pop's most established, is able to do just that.

Low concentrates heavily on the minimalistic, percussive aspects of their instruments. their great highlight is the beautiful and often moving blend of vocals, sung by Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker. these two have created this very different sound (although often comparable to TV On The Radio, to tell you the truth) since 1993 - all throughout the era when bands were supposed to be going grunge. these guys held strong, and have mastered this eerily melodic style to the point when all of us mere "fans" must look up, shake our heads and say - oh, i defer to you, i have no idea what's going on. play, play more.

my favorite moments come out of songs like "Hatchet," when the vocals and music have a specific relationship that's naturally in accord -- or "Dragonfly," when the tension they build is so strong and promising and yet, it drops off to nothing. they're good at leaving you a little shaken, these guys. maybe my favorite is the easiest to compare to TVOTR, "Breaker," which is the most accessible, perhaps, and drags the electric with perfect consideration of the vocals. i mean, it's really interesting stuff. i'm a minimalist everywhere else in my life, and i really appreciate this kind of attention in music.

::::try it out! maybe you'll start moving all the furniture out of your house, too, and whitewash the walls. go minimalism.
Low - Breaker
Low - Hatchet
your best search bet on the hype

if you're not entirely familiar with the Duluth, Minnesota band, there's a great wiki article here. they also don't have a myspace! so don't bother looking for them there (how refreshing, god). lastly, this album here drops in March, and you can pre-order it now.
want more? there's a great review at Harmonium from a bit ago. worth the trip. go to it.
They do have a myspace page ( and an awesome webpage at:
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