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Monday, March 05, 2007
  Feist - The Reminder: Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

the unmistakable Feist has managed a move i truly didn't think was possible. somehow, in the spirit of both her old fans and her new, she produced a record that wavers, ever and always, between accessible and Feist. her country twangs, jamborees, pop madness, and mastered spunk ties it all up with a ribbon, beckoning: "i didn't pay attention to any of you," she says. fame will come her way regardless - bare shoulders and microphone seduction or no. she will damn well do as she please. thankfully.

her wavering vocals, ever a wave of pressure and relief, stop and go, swing and release, come through as the sensual tie to her somewhat western-prairie sound. her range of capability is always astounding, as she goes from the driving and addictive single to the haunting and moving "The Water," in which a minimalist landscape of instruments drives her sorrowful declarations over wind and plain. album opener "So Sorry" is one of her classically Feist-sounding numbers, which still seem updated and playful, a little dramatic and perfectly sarcastic, especially next to the fireside tune "Sea Lion Woman," complete with claps and soulful echoes, which rises into a perfect guitar jamboree, tambourines and nearly scatting vocals. she certainly drew on wild influences for the feel of this album, which has taken her jazz influences and slid even deeper into a world of alternative country and cowgirl blues. in my constantly moving mind, this is the perfect soundtrack to a trip west, a bumping van, bare feet, passing hours with a guitar and singing true to all the hope and emotion of moving onwards. go, Feist, and your audiences will follow.

::::Even Cowgirls Get The Blues.
Feist - So Sorry
Feist - Past In Present
Feist - One Two Three Four
(hidden catchy gem)
[more on the hype machine]

[removed by DMCA request, before anyone really noticed they were there.]

this album drops April 23rd in Europe, and May 1st for silly US and Canada. i know you will have preordered your copy already (i'll be so mad if you don't) and really, i mean it, you're going to swoon.
(RIAA/DMCA countdown, anyone?)
Wow, talk about originality!
Thanks for the heads-up on the new ablum...
90s Music Videos
'one two three four' always makes me happy ^_^ awesome song.
Your blog is very cool also, I'm trying to introduce some music reccomendation in my little blog (in the form of mixtapes lol) but nowhere near this good (you have mp3s, damnit!)Keep up the good work,
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