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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
  an unconventional Valentine's Day gift
we here at NfT clearly love all of our adoring readers, and probably far more than you even know. i mean, you're definitely the reason we do this [or at least the reason shan does this, you'll notice i'm not visible on here unless there's some sort of technical issue]. and speaking of such things! take a look around, get settled in, and enjoy: the new layout has finally been tweaked and posted.

yes, that's right, the layout that shan and i spoke about almost a month and a half ago is finally here. sure, it was pretty much completed in under a week after we moved to this domain [remember we're now, right?], but school and travel and blah blah blah it took me until yesterday to make the adjustments necessary and do the testing required to officially put it into use. there were sizing issues and some coloring disagreements here and there, and then firefox and internet explorer decided that they wouldn't interpret the code in the same manner so more adjustments were made and then finally, voila, here we are.

Toaster thinks it's pretty spiffy right now, so it might last us until the summer months. you know goldfish and their attention spans; by summer he'll want a full flash layout. demanding little bugger he is...

anyway, check it out, scroll up and down, get some coffee, change a diaper, do whatever you need to, and then come back here and tell us what you think. let us know if your browser is having problems [according to my testing, firefox and internet explorer both work pretty cleanly], let us know if it's too big for your screen [optimal resolution is 1024x768 or higher], or even if you just don't like it. maybe you miss the giant raspberry-shaped blob at the top of the page, or maybe you miss the orange borders. whatever your question, comment, or complaint, just post it right here. we're open to all forms of inquiry, so take advantage while you have the chance.

and regular posting should resume tomorrow, after the sky in boston stops raining glass shards.
i dig the new design!
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