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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
  a real Valentine's Day gift - NIN [take 2]
okay. okay. i told you earlier today that the new layout was going to be a sort of gift for today.

but i think i have better.

i don't know who of you out there are following this thing, but apparently Trent Reznor [you know, the guy that is Nine Inch Nails] has been laying out a huge viral marketing campaign for his upcoming concept album, Year Zero. basically it revolves around a strange future world where everything is ruled by paranoia and biological weaponry and so on and so forth... there's some good information on it all here: i won't even pretend i understand.

seriously, it's crazy. if you have time, you should definitely go through some of those sites and do some reading. the planning behind this thing is incredible. but what i'm trying to say is this:

the first track leaked.

the rumor [i believe] is that it was found on a flash drive in a bathroom in Lisbon during a recent show. brilliant? or crazy? i don't care. fans of Trent and NIN will appreciate this.

[let me note that when i say "leaked" most people believe at this point that Trent released it himself]

::::happy morbid v-day
Nine Inch Nails - My Violent Heart
[taken down by DMCA request]

give it a listen, put it on repeat, figure out the lyrics, whatever. there are some crazy fans out there who have gone through a lot to get this for you, and i can't claim to have done the work or to even know what the hell is going on.
hell yes! what a great gift! this has been a shitty day/week and i appreciate letting off some sonic steam in my brain with good ol' angry Trent. nice.
OH i love you. <3.
Thank you, dear. I got this yesterday and was planning on blogging it today. I'm defintiely going to check out those Digg links first.

I'm a fan. Reminds me of "Burn"/Pretty Hate Machine era. The best part is that it hasn't been five bloody years since his last record!
oh - my - god! you are fabulous! thank you soooooooo very much. kisses. m.
I believe Trent "leaked" the song himself. This is so he! He is great.
I have just spent the last hour of my like trying to wrap my head around this....awesome!!
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