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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
  here and there
i'm back to the job grind, and so the blog suffers. but do check out the cool stuff happening and a'happenin:

  • Pitchfork is at it again with inappropriate reviews, this time on Anathallo's Floating World, here. i like these guys a lot, and i've been waiting to do a review of them until we start profiling for Lollapalooza. i won't bother to tell you what i think of the painfully low 2.7, but i'll direct you to GvB and IGIF for similar opinions.

  • yesterday Largehearted Boy made a really decent and comprehensive list of everything that came out today. it's pretty amazing. i know alex is pumped for Every Move A Picture, and i'm personally stoked for The Format. the two most obviously buzz-worthy are Sufjan Stevens's The Avalanche and Thom Yorke's The Eraser (no links necessary, seriously). i would attempt to say something clever here, but they've had their posts and i already have a favorite "funny post," by Catbirdseat, here.

  • do go indulge marathonpacks in his first-ever podcast while we sit around and figure out if we should do the same.

  • sometimes i close the curtains, light incense, and do little chants in full lotus position to thank Buddha for Said the Gramophone. try on this post and see what i mean.

  • check out Skatterbrain's staggeringly long interview with John Patterson of The Grates. very good, and he uses the myspace survey thing. nice touch, kitschy-cool.

  • i rarely link to fluxblog, and since there is absolutely no reason for that, i thought i would direct you to Matthew's post on Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd, who died Friday. sad as hell, and this one is well-done.

  • i'm kind of just getting around to completely falling in love with Boat, and i'm lucky because their album actually dropped today. you should expect a post on them soon. in the meantime, you can download all four songs on their myspace (which is what i linked you to), and you can read all about them here. or you can wait until i sell them to you. they're very good.

    that's all.. for now.. yep. woo, tired.
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