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Thursday, May 18, 2006
  a good laugh.
i've been meaning to do a full album review of Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, basically just because i'm obsessed with them. but you're still not getting one yet.

instead, i'm going to direct you to MOKB, where you can get an awesome podcast mp3 that was ransacked from AOL. flippin' AOL. get it here and listen, because they're amazing.

also, i haven't laughed this hard in YEARS, it feels, as when i read this post by GvB and listened to the songs myself. her name is Maya Bond, and she's a four-year-old asian indie pop singer, they say. really, it's just a good joke (it HAS to be, come on) and the greatest lyrics to a song that i have read in my entire life. everyone remember The Shaggs? she's not as bad. but you'll laugh as hard.

[p.s. if you don't know them, get yourself acquainted with the Shaggs here at wiki, and click on the link above to download their infamous My Pal Foot Foot single. because it's something you should know about.]

lastly, the new Guster album is on its way, and deserves a formal review. but for now you can go to their myspace page and listen to a few tracks. just being loyal to the best boston bands...
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's are great. All eight of them.
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